Date: 24 September 2012 - 16:20
Place: Editorial Team - ELLE Amsterdam
Using PublishingNOW! from Van Gennep to deliver issue no.534

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DAM-Based, integrated media publishing for the editorial and creative industries.
More content, faster distribution. When people create content and want it NOW!

What is PublishingNOW!?

PublishingNOW! is the only DAM-based publishing platform. It is the indispensable tool for planning publications with Van Gennep’s legendary flatplanning ease. PublishingNOW! means you can collect content from cross-channel sources, and store everything in a centralized DAM; produce output driven by approval-based workflows; and publish to any channel - print, tablet or website - from one centralized location.


Van Gennep iPad

Upload content from your mobile device to PublishingNOW!

Application Shots

van-gennep-application-grab-flat-planning for print

Flat planning for print

van-gennep-application-grab-flat-planning for digital

Flat planning for digital

van-gennep-application-grab-browse publishing channels

Collect & share content cross-title and cross-channel

van-gennep-application-grab-browse pages and annotate

Browse pages and annotate

Who we work for

Our solutions are used by many of the world's top media organizations, including: Prisma Media, Burda Media EE, Bauer Media, Hearst Magazines NL, Mondadori France, Reader’s Digest, Sanoma Media Belgium, Bindinc, and more.

van gennep case-studies shelf with magazines on it

Why they choose Van Gennep...


“Sanoma Media Belgium has chosen PublishingNow! as its future proof multichannel publishing system for facilitating and supporting all editorial processes. The main drivers for this choice are its Digital Asset Management based foundation, being a multichannel ready Content Management System and its proven record in print media editorial production planning and workflow capabilities.”

- Jan Heylen, ICT Manager Sanoma


“We needed a workflow management system that could integrate all stages and processes in our production seamlessly [...] It needed to be logical and transparent, to create an order and clarity across all editorial departments; it should interface easily with systems already in place, and above all it should be user-friendly to encourage creatives to use it and enjoy the benefits.”

- Gwen Wylie, Projects Coordinator at Hearst Magazines [formerly Hachette Filipacchi Media]


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